Scott Dolly: Manual Therapy / IASTM

Scott Dolly: Manual Therapy / IASTM


****When purchasing please be sure you buy time in the proper week, either Week 1 or Week 2 based on your trip! Thank you.****

This is Scott Dolly's third year at RUNGA and will soon be the third year in a row 100% of his time sells out. In year's past, we have seen frenzy to book Scott's time once people arrive at RUNGA, and once people understand just how amazing his work is. This year, we're allowing you to book up to 3 sessions with Scott prior to arriving in Panama. 

Sessions with Scott include: 

  • Movement Analysis and Motor Sequencing Analysis 
  • Fascial Assessment for Adhesions and Scar-Tissue 
  • Hands-On: Manual Therapy and IASTM 
  • Hands-On: Reiki and Qi-Gong Healing
  • Mobility, Stability, Strengthening exercise Rx
  • Picking Scott’s brain during your entire session about training, movement, healing, life, bio-hacks or anything else you got. 
  • Take Home Section (below)

Each session also comes with a “take-home” section. Immediately following your session with Scott, clients will work with Julie on compiling all the information from the session. Julie will also be reviewing specific movements for biomechanical alignment and correct motor sequencing.  You will finish these sessions with a clear understanding of what you have going on and you will know exactly what to do for it. 

Sessions will be 75 minutes each.

Price $149

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