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The long awaited Bombproof Shoulders e-book from Joe DI is finally here.

This book is more than just a "Shoulder Workout Plan" it is a 6-Week mental and physical assault on a mind and body that could be primed for even higher performance. A brief excerpt from the book's introduction: 

"Over the past 13 years I have been fortunate to coach, and have success, with thousands of people globally. Many of these folks, professional athletes and average Joe’s alike, had become accustomed to living with spectrum of aches and pains they simply attributed to age, genetics, or previous trauma. There have been countless others whom came to me directly, let it be coaches, post-rehab patients or otherwise, with a stated objective to get out of pain or worse, escaping the program so many are perpetually working out on; The “get as fit as you can between injuries” plan.

Let me start by saying, without a shift in mindset, this program will get you no further than any of the other things you’ve tried. I myself have torn both rotator cuffs, separated my left collar bone on both ends, and broken a few ribs. I have completely dislocated my right shoulder and fractured the right side of skull. From these injuries, I have been to all forms of rehabilitation but nothing really seemed to get me back to where I wanted to be; BOMBPROOF."

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