RUNGA is an week long experience each December that is designed to provide precisely what YOUR unique body needs to take control of your health, happiness, performance, vitality, and mental state. 



WHERE DO WE STAY?  N/A for 2018.




WHAT IS THE COST? N/A for 2018. This does not include airfare. 

HOW DO I PAY? All registrations begin with an initial deposit. Following this deposit you can pay in lump sum or installments.

CAN I STAY LESS THAN 7-DAYS? The minimum stay at RUNGA 2017 is 6 nights.

HOW MANY PEOPLE FIT IN A ROOM? Most rooms are singles or doubles, however we have a limited number of larger and shared rooms which can accommodate a party of up to four persons.  

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WHAT TYPES OF ADVENTURE SHOULD WE EXPECT?  In years past, we have zip linied through jungle canopies, rappelled 100' high waterfalls, hiking volcanoes, and white water rafted down some of the most picturesque rivers in the world. In 2017 we are shifting to an ocean-theme where we will be surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, horseback riding and much more!

ARE THE ADVENTURES MANDATORY? Nothing at RUNGA is mandatory. This is a "choose your own" style getaway that enables you to tailor your week to exactly what you need. If you want to sit and sunbath all week and that's what your body needs? Do it.

ARE SOME OF THE ADVENTURES DANGEROUS? We take the utmost care of our guests. Among the RUNGA staff we have experts in each of the adventures we participate in. Above and beyond that, every local guide has been vetted, tested, and single handedly chosen by our staff for their expertise, patience, and educational style. 

WHAT IF I GET HURT? We have had no serious injuries over the past four years, and our staff is trained and certified to control most situations that could arise. However, in the event of a more serious accident your registration at RUNGA includes global health insurance and every adventure has a comprehensive exit strategy in case of emergency.



WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF YOGA? Improved Brain Function, Lower Stress Levels, Increased Flexibility, Lower Blood Pressure, Improved Lung Capacity, Improved Sexual Function, Reduced Chronic Neck Pain, Anxiety Relief, Relief from Chronic Back Pain, Altered Gene Expression, Steady Blood Sugar Levels in People with Diabetes, Improved Sense of Balance, Stronger Bones, Weight Loss, Lower Risk Of Heart Disease. 

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF HEATED YOGA?  Overall, the heat serves to strengthen, detoxify, and heal the body, which in turn creates a sense of health and well-being. It improves flexibility, increases heart rate and blood circulation, speeds up metabolic processes of vital organs, glands, mobilizes toxins for elimination, and stimulates white blood cell production, boosting the immune system. In Panama, we will be performing mostly "open-air" yoga.

WHAT IS VINYASA YOGA? Vinyasa means “breath-synchonized movement”. The movement flows from one pose to another through various transitions and mainly through downward facing dog. Hot Vinyasa Flow is simply Vinyasa Flow performed in a heated room.

HOW LONG ARE THE CLASSES? Standard hot yoga classes are 90 minutes. Although our recovery classes are 60 minutes.

WHAT IF I AM NOT FLEXIBLE? Yoga is not about flexibility, but it does help you gain flexibility. Being inflexible is one of the best reasons to start practicing Yoga.

WHAT DO I WEAR TO CLASS? Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing that you can move and sweat in. Bring a bottle or two of water; the mats and towels are provided.

IS TWICE DALY YOGA SAFE? Only you know what is safe for your body. Depending on your fitness level or experience with Yoga, you may find a class in the morning and one in the evening to be the perfect practice for you.



WHAT TYPES OF FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMMING DOES RUNGA OFFER? Our team is comprised of some of the world's leading experts in fitness, health, wellness, and performance. Each team member will offer trainings, clinics, and educational seminars on their unique niches throughout the week. These include primal movement, kettlebells, running, and high intensity interval training.


I AM NEW TO EXERCISING. RUNGA is perfect for the novice or seasoned athlete to come master their skills. We have entire technique based clinics throughout the week on everything from kettlebells to handstands. RUNGA is designed to not only will you have a great week of training but have you go home empowered and a master of the art of movement.

I AM A TOP ATHLETE. Athletes, often more than anybody, need a week of quality sleep, nutrition, movement, and training.



HOW DOES FOOD WORK? RUNGA includes three, world-class multi course meals per day, all of which are made-to-order for our guests to accommodate for personal taste. We also provide 24-7 availability of water, coffee and Four Sigmatic. 

I’M HAVING TROUBLE TAKING CONTROL OF MY HEALTH, WHAT CAN I HOPE TO LEARN? If you’ve struggled with weight, gut issues or your emotional health, RUNGA is for you. It’s truly magical what a single week of extremely clean eating, tolerable exercise, optimistic social interaction and adventure can do to help you RESET and get on the right track back to health.

WHAT IS A DIGITAL DETOX? Our modern world is paralyzed by technology and it’s harming our health. We get so physically and emotionally addicted to checking email, social media, and being “connected” that we lose touch with the beauty of life. Detoxing from technology, while you spend your time practicing yoga, being social, eating healthy food, and joining amazing adventures allows your brain to truly relax, be still and get reacquainted with what it means to be human.

ARE THE MEALS ________- FRIENDLY? (i.e. PALEO, GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, ETC.) Yes. Our founder is plant-based paleo, our yoga instructors are vegan, and much of our staff is gluten-free. You are covered. Even low-carb or ketogenic dieters are going to be just fine at RUNGA. 

I’M A BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL, WHAT CAN I HOPE TO LEARN? Business demands you’re at your best self 100% all the time. However, due to the cumulation of job stress overtime 90%...80%…70%..even 50% becomes our new frame of reference and our new 100%. RUNGA is here to help you RESET and return to your job reenergized, excited and thinking more clearly than you ever have before.

I’M A BUSY MOM, WHAT CAN I HOPE TO LEARN? Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs out there. And during the holidays, it’s even tougher! Imagine giving yourself a gift of 7 days this December, right between major holidays, and right before the New Year that will help you handle it all and be more patient, energized and happy than ever!