What do I need to bring? +

Upon registration, you will receive an Information Pack with a packing list. In general, the packing list for our multi-day experiences will include:

  • Comfortable active wear (mobility, yoga)
  • Workout clothes and gym shoes
  • Swimwear (ice baths, hot tub, pool)
  • Flip flops/sandals (for wearing around the premises)
  • Casual/dinner wear
  • Sweater for early morning and evenings
  • Sleepwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries (we will have shampoo, conditioner & body wash on site)

For RUNGA 1.0, we recommend bringing:

  • Comfortable active wear (mobility, yoga, workout) and gym shoes
  • Swimwear (ice baths, pool, sauna)
  • Flip flops/sandals (for wearing around the premises)
  • Casual/dinner wear (if you would like to change before dinner)
  • Sweater for early morning and evening

Do I have to participate in all of the activities? +

While we recommend that you experience each activity at least once, we encourage you to listen to your body. At our multi-day events, guests typically move a lot of energy in the body, which means that we can get unpredictably tired. For this reason, the afternoon sessions are designed to be more relaxed and those who need to rest or simply wish to read by the pool are encouraged to do so.

At our 1.0 events, most people choose to participate in everything (yes, including the ice baths!).

I have specific dietary restrictions. Can you accomodate my needs? +

Food is a central element of any RUNGA event. Mealtimes are an opportunity for people to truly connect, and we want it to be stress-free! RUNGA brings the highest attention to detail to the food we serve and we are always willing and able to accommodate your dietary restrictions.

Do I have to come with my spouse or partner? +

We offer individual spots at all of our 1.0 events and workshops. At our multi-day experiences, we have had mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and friends sign up together, which we also recommend. Although our multi-day experiences are booked by the room, we can accomodate guests traveling alone and in those scenarios offer a discount on the total room price.

When is my payment due? +

Depending on the event, upon acceptance or in order to sign up online, we require a 50% deposit to hold your spot. You will receive an invoice for the remaining 50%, which can be paid via PayPal or by check within 30 days of registration. A 10% tax and processing fee will apply to your total.

When should I plan to arrive? +

For our multi-day events, our concierge will pick you up at the designated airport or pick-up point. Upon registration, you will receive an Information Pack with all necessary details, including shuttle departure times. If you have specific questions when booking your travel, please email our Team Coordinator for details.

For our 1.0 events, please see the event page for start times. We open our doors 30 minutes before the start of each event.

Is this a digital detox? Can I bring my phone to the event? +

During your RUNGA experience, we recommend planning to leave your phone aside for the majority of the event. For our multi-day experiences, we encourage guests to leave their phones in their bedrooms and advise you not to use it until you’ve started your day and completed the morning activities. We understand how important it is to be able to check in on your loved ones, and we won’t take your phones away (although we can if you ask us to).

For RUNGA 1.0, we will have a place for you to put your bags and we encourage you to leave your phone on airplane mode or off during the entirety of the event. We will have a photographer on site to capture activities, and we guarantee that every guest will get a picture of themselves in an ice bath.

What is your cancellation policy? +

RUNGA 1.0 tickets are fully refundable until 7 days prior to the event. Due to the nature of our multi-day events, we are not able to offer refunds.