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The RUNga program

Our venue in St. Helena, California.

Our venue in St. Helena, California.

RUNGA began as a digital detox and functional fitness retreat, born after founder Joe DiStefano left his hectic work life and electronics behind, and spent a week in Costa Rica, off-the-grid. He practiced yoga and engaged in activities that brought him into his body and the present moment. This was what he needed to connect with himself again, and bring newfound energy and passion into his everyday life.

Throughout a handful of intimate events each year, experts from a variety of disciplines come together to teach, connect, and support guests on their journeys towards wellness and connecting with their individual purpose. Our uniquely proven programs are delivered in a way that is empowering, sustainable, and self-actualizing.

Kettlebell Instruction.

Kettlebell Instruction.

Our program consists of powerful and proven practices that reduce stress and inflammation, optimize metabolic health, and build community among our guests. We have found that these practices result in improved productivity, confidence, purpose and happiness - forming our unique pathway towards wellness and longevity.

Our toolkit encompasses everything from mobility, functional fitness and nutrition, to breath work, meditation and cold immersion. Guests will learn why these practices form such an unbreakable foundation, and will experience how quickly they create powerful shifts in our health and wellbeing.

Empowerment is the secret to our success. All of our activities are taught so that guests are encouraged to enjoy the moment and, wherever they are on their journey, be present with their experience. Guests are continuously connecting with each other and many of our activities are group-oriented. Guests will experience the power of mutual support, and the confidence that blossoms when one feels valued and respected by a team.

Starting with bringing our attention to our breath, our approach is based on the timeless truth that additions to lifestyle are never as effective as removing harmful habits or environmental detractors. Our teachings encourage guests to self-audit the efficiency of their lifestyle practices, and enable them to anchor new, sustainable habits post-event.

fueling success

When it comes to company culture, small changes go a long way. The practices taught at RUNGA have the potential to significantly improve employee morale and output, with many takeaways transcending the workplace and trickling into the energy people take home to their families. Research continues to show that promoting employ ee happiness in such a way is rewarding for all parties.

From our extensive intake questionnaire to our pre-event coaching, we aim to individualize the experience for every guest. Our efforts allow us to identify the aspects of RUNGA that an individual will benefit the most from, and ensure that they maximize their experience with the experts we have on hand.

We use ice baths for strengthening the nervous system, normalizing blood sugar and lowering inflammation.

We use ice baths for strengthening the nervous system, normalizing blood sugar and lowering inflammation.


A fun, non-competitive environment is essential for success, empowering individuals to take control of their wellness on their own terms. On some level, everyone cares about their wellness, and a person often needs two elements to fully inhabit this part of themselves: (1) to get in touch with why they deserve to be well, and (2) a permission slip to act in alignment with their objectives.

The practices taught at RUNGA are designed to be sustainable, bringing people in touch with their root purpose and connecting them with their inner strength. The freedom for employees to act in alignment with their wellness is invaluable to employee happiness, and builds community, trust and support within the corporate environment.

Food at runga

We are committed to sourcing only organic produce, and serving all paleo, keto-friendly, and plant-rich foods. Our coffee bar features house-made nut milks, organic high-antioxidant coffee, and a large selection of superfoods and supplements selected by our experts. We encourage intermittent fasting, with snacks such as sprouted nuts, nut butters and coconut yogurt available throughout the day.

Our all-organic, raw and sprouted lunches are prepared by Shanti Kitchen, a private-chef service based in Venice, CA. Dinners are family-style feasts prepared by a 5-star chef, and are designed to be the main meal of the day. With dinner, we pair fully organic, keto-friendly wines selected by our friends at Dry Farm Wines.

Private experiences

Our experiences are hosted in private venues all over the US. Although our overarching themes can vary based on your group or organization’s individual objectives, every RUNGA event includes the activities core to our program:

  • Pre-event questionnaire to customize the experience for individual needs and objectives.

  • Unlimited access to organic, brain-healthy snacks and drinks, as well as our signature coffee and supplement bar.

  • Fully organic, paleo and plant-rich meals, always customizable to individual dietary preferences, designed to nourish and nurture community around food.

  • Organic, biodynamic and keto-friendly wine pairings with Dry Farm Wines.

  • Proprietary breath and mobility training to relax and unlock the body’s compensatory mechanisms, release tension, and rapidly improve function and joint mobility.

  • Kundalini Yoga and Insight Meditation practices to connect guests with their hearts and their purpose, and pass on timeless pathways to reconnect throughout daily life.

  • Hard-style kettlebell instruction and individualized interval training protocols to optimize aerobic efficiency.

  • Cold immersion therapy to support recovery, nervous system control, and metabolic health.

  • Hands-on education to connect guests with their physioglogy and deepen understanding of wellness as it relates to happiness, physical performance, and longevity.

  • Gift bag with items from our carefully selected partners.


We offer several add-ons to the private experience, and are always excited to discuss ways of bringing your group or organization’s unique vision to life. A few of our most popular Add-On’s are:

  • Keynote speaker(s) or special guest(s)

  • Photography

  • Cooking demonstrations with a focus on brain-healthy, anti-inflammatory snacks

  • Manual therapy and massage

  • Infrared therapy and sauna

  • Post-event executive wellness coaching

  • Coffee demonstrations

We choose venues that are surrounded by nature, located a reasonable distance from the organization’s main offices.

We choose venues that are surrounded by nature, located a reasonable distance from the organization’s main offices.

Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy can create profound structural change in just 1-2 sessions.

Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy can create profound structural change in just 1-2 sessions.


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