Venice, CA

RUNGA 1.0 is a single, high-impact day that provides a powerful mind-body reboot without the time away from work or the family. Engineered to empower and invigorate, we have architected this experience to be practical, hands-on and sustainable for any individual.


The Experience

In a beautiful home in Venice, CA, the RUNGA 1.0 experience welcomes a small number of guests to connect with like-minds while taking a hands-on approach to meditation, breathwork, mobility, self-care, nutrition, and cold immersion. Beginning with morning coffee and running straight through an elaborate multi-course, fully-organic dinner, the experience aligns guests with their objectives and sets the standard for an optimal day-to-day existence. 

I never thought that I could feel so refreshed and recharged from just one, 12-hour day. It felt like I had attended a 3-day long retreat! Every part of RUNGA 1.0 flowed effortlessly and was a magical experience of learning, growth, and exploration.
— RUNGA 1.0 Guest, 2019

What’s Included?

The experience includes the elements core to the RUNGA program, with an enhanced emphasis on mobility and breathing techniques. The program includes:


Mobility and Breathwork

Learn the mobility and breathing techniques used by professional athletes to release lifelong tension and rapidly improve joint function.


Cold Immersion & Personalized Aerobic Training

Optimize your natural energy producing pathways while strengthening the areas most associated with increased longevity.


Kundalini Yoga and Insight Meditation

Break through emotional barriers while learning invaluable pathways to help you reconnect throughout daily life.


Vibrant Organic Lunch and Dinner

Feast on vibrant, plant-rich, all-organic paleo meals, fully customizable to any dietary specifications. Enjoy keto-friendly wine pairing from Dry Farm Wines.


Coffee and Supplement Bar

Enjoy unlimited access to the coffee and supplements we believe to be essential for peak performance and longevity, featuring Kion, BioCBD+, and more.


Health-Boosting Tech & Gift Bag

Take home a gift bag with high-value products from our partners. You will also enjoy access to infrared and sauna therapy.