"RUNGA is consistently one of the most amazing weeks of my year."

- Ben Greenfield, Biohacker, America's Top Personal Trainer & One of the Most Influential People in Health & Fitness, www.bengreenfieldfitness.com



We are excited to bring you news about RUNGA 2018 soon. For now, you can purchase a hunting license below or catch Joe at one of his upcoming B.Y.O.B. workshops.


The RUNGA "retreat"

The RUNGA "Ridiculously Early-Bird" program is back!

In 2016, after countless emails from excited people requesting details and registration information about 2017's event, we decided to open a "Ridiculously Early-Bird Registration" option. We had no location, date, or pricing information to share, but tested the waters with an "insurance policy" for these passionate people as we finalized all the details. 

Well, needless to say, it worked. 

We sold out our entire RUNGA 2017 event 3-months prior to announcing the dates, price, or location through these Ridiculously Early-Birds alone! Right now, you can purchase a "Hunting License" that gives you 72 hours to register before registration officially goes live on Monday the 26th of March.



Join one of Joe's upcoming 1 or 2-day B.Y.O.B workshops - Optimizing Performance with Breath, Balls and Bells.

This brand-new course is instructed to give Weekend Warriors and high-end Performance Coaches alike valuable skills they can take home and see results from today. Learn how to:

  • Effortlessly boost your strength and power
  • Injury-proof your entire body in 5 minutes a day
  • Master the art of the kettlebell ‘Get-Up’
  • Improve your sleep and recovery

Upcoming dates: Santa Monica, CA April 7