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As an athlete, I’ve always thought I knew how to take care of my body. RUNGA taught me that there is so much more to well-being than just training for sport! By taking a deep dive into breath, mobility and mind, I came away with a better understanding of the body-mind interaction, and the tools available to me to sustain that connection.
— Amelia Boone, 4X World Champion Endurance Athlete
These were some of the best four days of my life—and certainly the most life changing! Throughout the program, the RUNGA team created a fun, safe, warm environment and you felt as if you were among friends from long ago.
— Immersion Guest, 2018
RUNGA is consistently one of the most amazing experiences of my year. I truly consider it to be the Cadillac of wellness retreats—if you have the opportunity to go, don’t hesitate!
— Ben Greenfield, Author, Podcast Host & Founder of KION